Jeanette Allom-Hill

Jeanette has had a varied career, from her start as an English as a Second Language teacher in Bangkok through to helping massive organisations learn, grow and adapt. Her first leadership role was in the Learning and Development function for Optus, before moving to the UK where she spent 10 years with Microsoft, concluding as the Head of Customer Service for EMEA.

In Australia, Jeanette has extensive experience in the public sector, holding senior roles in NSW Treasury, working with the Secretary and in NSW Transport, being accountable to the Minister’s office for Customer Experience.  Jeanette has also held the role of General Manager of Business and Portfolio Management for NBN Co. and was responsible for the office of the Chief Operations Officer. She spent two years working with Boston Consulting Group as an advisor on implementation and sustainable change, working across multiple federal and state government organisations with senior leadership teams and ministers.

Jeanette recently held the role of Chief Operations Officer for the Sunshine Coast Council, managing over 2,300 employees. Her portfolio included Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Property Management and Smart Cities with an organisational budget of $848 million. She has just accepted a consulting role with Prime Minster and Cabinet and joined the board of the No More Fake Smiles charity.

Jeanette is considered an expert in portfolio and change management, having established and chaired the community of change professional for the public sector, often speaking at specialist conferences. She is a certified coach and is passionate about helping executives turn their talents into strengths. Jeanette holds a Master of Education and has commenced her PhD in Change leadership, researching Residence and Recovery.

In 2020, Jeanette was named as the Telstra Business Woman of the Year in the Public Sector and Academia category, being recognised for her approach of leading with bravery and heart.

She is also a finalist in the Outstanding Leadership Awards, being recognised as a role model who makes diversity, inclusion and kindness part of the team's day-to-day culture. Jeanette is a leader who can have courageous conversations, strives to lead by example and change the face of leadership.

Jeanette loves travel and runs two boutique travel companies that promote family time, making memories and #livelovelocal: KidsView & The Perfect Day.

She has worked in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

She has just accepted a consulting role with Prime Minster and Cabinet and joined the board of the No More Fake Smiles charity and the Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network and is an executive advisor to  WorkHaven.

Jeanette lives in the Sunshine Coast in 2020 has been named as one of the top influencers in the region.

What people say about Jeanette

Carolyn Ormsby | Employee Engagement Leader Jeanette is a captain, the navigator and the engine room. I was so impressed when I first attended a session that Jeanette facilitated and it was apparent that she had a broad knowledge of the business, she knew how to involve and engage an audience and best of all she could thread a ribbon through an entire workshop so that all attendees left with key messages, clear actions and ownership. I absolutely loved working with Jeanette. She taught me so much and she is one smart person who I know I can soundboard and receive great advice from.

Ben Robinson | People & Culture I had the pleasure of working with Jeanette at Laureate Australia for over 6 months. Jeanette’s extensive experience allowed strong understanding of the levers to drive our culture, leadership and change agendas across the organisation. Jeanette’s strong strategic strength allowed us to be focused and invest our energy where we would gain the most reward and make a difference for the people in the organisation. Her positivity, along with strong coaching skills, always kept the team on track and allowed us to work through tough challenges in the business and build credibility and buy-in for programs including Gallup Strengths and Here for Good. The team will miss Jeanette’s warmth, ideas and relationship-building skills, along with the other talents she brings to the HR team and the wider organisation.

Melissa McLeod | Clinical Hypnotherapist Jeanette has a depth of knowledge and invaluable insights. She coached me to go forward confidently. I highly recommend Jeanette, she is an incredible and generous leader.

Nick Conti | Ernst & Young More than a decade after I had the pleasure of working with Jeanette, we remain in touch. Such is her character and the quality of her leadership. What stands out from my experience of being part of Jeanette’s team is her kindness and compassion. She was always caring and always concerned for the wellbeing of her team. This not only fostered an enjoyable work environment, it brought the best out of my colleagues and I. Today, as someone that has the privilege of leading a team, I’m grateful for the example that Jeanette set and the positive influence it has had on me.

Louise Thompson | Venue Manager I had the pleasure of first meeting Jeanette at the Sunshine Coast Council’s Leadership Forum when she introduced herself as the new Executive Director for Business Performance.

She was incredibly engaging as a public speaker and had the whole room captivated as she shared her journey and aspirations. Jeanette has so many brilliant traits, attributes and is an absolute Trailblazer in her field.

Her passion, empathy and intelligence is extremely evident as is her authenticity, empowerment and courage to lead by example and implement positive, proactive change and accountability.

Jeanette shines in her profession and would be an amazing asset to any organisation. I wish her all the very best.

Ian Cormack | People and Culture I have had the great pleasure of knowing Jeanette Allom-Hill now for several years including a period when she reported to me directly. I have been the principal HR Leader at Woolworth's, CBA, George Weston Foods, Arnotts and Sara Lee - and now I also teach leadership in my own business. I have seen plenty of leaders in my time and I regard Jeanette as one of the very best. She is sincere, generous, effective, warm, and principled. Her ability to win trust quickly, to do the right thing and her capacity for taking action are all qualities that are part of her leadership DNA. She is really smart and skilled, she has a strategic orientation, she listens, she cares, and she gets her point across eloquently. She qualifies as a leader and very much a team-player who is tremendous when the agenda requires change and sensitivity to culture and engagement. In my view, she stands out among senior HRD's and CHRO's because of these personal and leadership qualities.

Kathy Terrill | Personal Assistant In September 2018, I was employed in the position of Personal Assistant for the Group Executive (GE) Business Performance, Jeanette Allom-Hill. Jeanette was the only female GE in council & extremely well regarded by so many of her peers. She demonstrated such professionalism with her knowledge of the business, her passion for what she believed in, her strength for what she stood for & her drive to achieve results, something that was so infectious to all staff. On many occasions I accompanied Jeanette to events where she was a guest speaker. When Jeanette speaks she engages every single person in the room. I remember at one event, listening to Jeanette speak & noticing how much people were in awe of this incredible women. Jeanette always encourages you to believe in yourself and to never underestimate your skills. It was a moment I felt so proud to be working for this inspirational lady. For over 25yrs I have worked in PA roles & worked for many different levels of management. I have never come across a person that leads with such dignity, honesty & respect for others in a way that Jeanette does for every person that crosses her path. I feel so honoured to of worked for Jeanette, a true leader.

Judy Bailey | JAB Consulting Jeanette is a transformational leader. I say this as I observed her style as inspirational, intelligent, honest, courageous, high energy, caring and authentic. She leads from the front with integrity, honesty and enthusiasm bringing an infectious style that enables her to take people on the change journey feeling motivated, safe, empowered and supported.

She is a living example of someone who understands that success is dependent on the effort of the whole team. She openly recognises and values her team, working effectively with individual differences in style and approach and guiding her managers to successfully lead their teams, deliver on outcomes, manage risk, be creative and solution focussed and make the difficult decisions in a supportive team based environment.